Day 119- 99 Problems

Before I begin, I would just like to say you honestly could not make up the story behind tonight’s shot.

It’s been raining in Brighton on and off all day and I have had this shot planned all week. instead of dragging family story frame to the beach, I decided to wait in for the ice cream van, which always shows up. Or so I thought! 5.00pm, no ice cream van. 5.30pm, no ice cream van. 6.00pm, no ice cream van…

So I decided instead to go to Marroccos in Hove. It is quite close to us and is famous for its ice cream, plus I knew it had a whippy machine. As I was getting ready, Jess asked if she could come to help. There was no reason why not so bundled up in our big coats, hoods and boots, off we went.

I knew Jess only wanted to come for the ice cream, so I fully briefed her in the car. The ice cream was not to be eaten, it was just a prop.

When we made it to Marrocco’s we were already soaked and windswept. We asked the lady for a 99 and she said, “Sorry, the machine is broken”. WHAT!!!! Seriously, I told you, it couldn’t be made up, no ice cream van and a broken whippy machine, and rain.

So, Jess and I then had to decide on an ice cream that we thought was about the right colour, and then I had to buy 2 flakes so Jess could eat one, and one could go in the ice cream. I knew she had a hidden motive for coming with me.

We then had to decide where to take the picture. The original idea had her sat next to it on the floor, but the rain put a spanner in the works with that one. Between us we had then decided to put it in a puddle, but we couldn’t find one that was good enough.

Then we spotted it. Anyone that has been at the Hove end of the beach at low tide will tell you what we spotted. SAND! So we bundled across the stones and set up the shot. Jess had charge of the lens cap and was on Wavewatch, every time a wave got closer she would shout “WAVE!”. When i told her my lens was wet, I got told curtly “I told you we shouldn’t have come down here”, the joys of a 4 year old!

When we got home (via the mandatory trip to the supermarket) we were absolutely soaked through, and covered in sand. Coats off, boots off and jeans in the washing machine 🙂

Whilst getting Jess into bed, she was telling me about the photo she wanted to set up and that I would have to be her assistant, funnily enough, hers involved chocolate…

Lel xx


2 responses

  1. Ah yes, the joys of being assisted by one’s child. At least she didn’t launch her face into the ice cream or grab the cone and toss it, as I rather suspect Oliver would have done. Either one of those, or probably both. Nice shot, and nice story, Lel. 🙂

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