Day 120- He Can Only Hold Her

Who would have thought that this week’s album’s would have caused a 3 way tie? Seriously, if ever there was an example of why I need you to vote, here it is!

I spent over an hour procrastinating on Facebook tying to get other people to make the decision for me, but there was a little voice in the back of my head telling me to tackle the Amy Winehouse album. It is by no means the easiest of the 3, in fact, that would have been Girls Aloud. Sometimes though, you have to go for the harder option.

So tonight’s image was not taken today, but it is an image I wasn’t happy with at the time. This is another example of why this project is so important. I am one of those people who learns through a combination of watching and doing and I honestly believe that by editing images every day since Christmas, my editing skills and knowledge are getting better.

I do know that I need to start building my own actions now though or I will run the risk of my images looking just like everyone elses.

I feel like I am slowly starting to see my own style emerge as well which is great. People told me that a project like this would help me to find my direction and my style, and I can already se that was true, although I will admit to being sceptical to those comments at first.

Tomorrow I will be picking up my print and mounting it for the Perspectives of Brighton exhibition at Food and Barista as part of the Brighton Festival Fringe. I only have 1 image in this but it is an image I took fr this project on “Parklife” day. The exhibition runs from 5th- 27th May with a preview evening on Friday 4th May 7.00pm- 9.00pm, hopefully I will see some of you there. You can even buy the print if you want- how exciting!

Lel xx


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