Day 124- Back To Black

Ok, I know I am about 10 minutes late and technically this is now the next day, but after a 6 hour drive back from the Lake District I am sure it is forgivable.

Today was all about boudoir shots, in a classy, non-glamour way and boy did Kate Hopewell-Smith deliver.  I am absolutely in awe of this amazing photographer, and such a genuinely lovely person to boot. It speaks volumes when a photographer is being booked by other photographers for their own boudoir shoots.

The girls who modelled for us today were absolutely amazing, They were not models, they wer beautiful women with the same kind of hang ups as the rest of us. It was amazing to see the transformation in confidence from the morning to the afternoon and it is an amazingly privileged position as a photographer to be able to help a woman feel so empowered.

This image is of one of our girls from today, and I did ask if I could use this image. I’m sure she was happy with it on the camera if the “I’ve got legs!” comment was anything to go by! I hope she likes it now it is on the blog.

I also want to say a heartfelt thank you to Rachel from Aspire for dealing with my tears and snot today. I am only human, and I have confidence and self-esteem issues as everyone does, which I have always been honest about on this blog. Today I had a huge wobble, but I am hoping that by being able to set up the above pose that I have proved that I can overcome these wobbles and live on the edge of my comfort zone, thank you Kate.

Lel xx


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    • Ah Kate thanks, the wobble make you stronger I think! I’m glad you got home to your babies, can’t wait to see you on the 19th x

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