Day 123- Rehab

Rehab or detox? The choice is yours, but my composition and subject choice were incredibly limited as I am still at the good old Travelodge on the M6 for another night. The upside of this was the legitimate reason to have Burger King for tea. I did ask one of the girls if there was a supermarket nearby but it all got very complicated and it was easier to just give in (that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!).

Tomorrow is my second, and last, day at Aspire and I will be focussing on Seductive Boudoir– oo la la!

I will be trying to post a couple from today later. It was a great day and although I had a few exposure issues, I am starting to feel a lot more confident in my ability to use the camera as a tool for my trade, and not allow it to dictate what I shoot any more, it’s an amazingly liberating feeling.

Enjoy your evenings, I’m off to call family Story Frame and make sure little miss is tucked up in bed (I miss them so so much!).

Lel xx


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