Brilliance In Blogging- I Made The Shortlist!!

Whoop whoop, shout it from the rooftops folks, I made the BIB Awards shortlist again this year in the PHOTO category 🙂

I have to admit I found out I made the short list from the fabulous Fashion Detective, who is also shortlisted in the style category, and quite rightly too. Jo blogs every single day, and having done that last year I know exactly how hard it is to do that and fit it around work, family, friends and just the general stuff life throws at you.

So what happens now? The shortlist in each category is made up of 16 people, this is then cut down to 6 finalists. 4 finalists are based on votes and 2 are chosen by the Britmum’s team.

Yes- I am asking for audience participation again and would be really grateful for a vote or 2! The form is super easy and super quick, and you can vote in all the categories or just the ones you want to. Whilst you are there voting for me, may I suggest Fashion Detective for the Style category, Mummy Travels for the travel category and The Kraken Wakes in the Lolz category.

To vote, just click on this:


Thank you, thank you, thank you, I know I wouldn’t be writing this post now if it wasn’t for all of your support and good old blog love 🙂

Lel xxx


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