A Sunrise And A Surprise

Over the last weekend, Jess spent some time with my parents, which gave me and the Mr a lovely weekend together. We went out for an amazing meal on Friday night at The House in Brighton, which I would highly recommend. The food was amazing and the service was fantastic.

Whilst having dinner, Mr SF suggested that we get up early in the morning and watch the sunrise on the beach. Please bare in mind that sunrise was at 6.25am the following morning and I had consumed numerous cosmopolitans with dinner. However, having missed some of the beautiful sunset, I begrudgingly agreed to get up at 5.30am the next day.

I have to say I am glad I did. There was not a soul around and we were the only ones on the seafront. By the time we left the house it had already started to get light but the colours in the sky were still beautiful when we got to the bandstand.

2013-04-10_0017 2013-04-10_00162013-04-10_0018

However, Whilst I was taking pictures, Mr SF had found a stone and gave it to me once I put my camera away. It was only when I turned it over that I realised what was happening. On the stone he had written “will yon be my wife?” and as I was reading, he had bent down on one knee and produced the most beautiful ring I have seen.

Of course I said yes, and I have been incredibly happy ever since. This is not to say I wasn’t happy beforehand! Jess is ecstatic and keeps telling anyone that will listen that “my Mummy and Daddy are getting married” and when I say anyone I mean anyone, the waitress in the cafe, the barista in the coffee shop, other Mum’s…

What this does mean though is that I will be paying even more attention at the weddings I am fortunate to photograph in the next couple of years, and I think we are going to have a tough time trying to pick a wedding photographer ourselves 🙂

On Sunday some very good friends of ours came to celebrate, and we had an impromptu Fashion Detective shoot which I will blog about tomorrow, but for now I will leave you with a nice warm and smiley feeling.

Lel xxx


2 responses

  1. Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple. What a wonderfully romantic proposal! Well done you though for getting up, I would have had to be dragged out! Lol

    congrats to you both once again xx

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