A Spring Day In The Woods (even if it does still look like winter…)

I have finally upgraded my camera equipment and have a new camera body and lenses. I wont bore you with the geeky spec, if you want to know that then message me and I will quite happily bore you with camera geek conversation for hours.

However, having new equipment means having to learn to use the camera all over again. I even have to make myself read the manual, shock horror, to find out what all the new buttons do. I have made a big leap from my old camera and so this new one comes everywhere at the moment.

We decided to go for a day out in the woods, a nice spring walk, or so we thought. The weather has been awful and so we were yet again bundled up in hats, coats, scarves and gloves but it didn’t stop us adventuring, we even managed to find some snowdrops and the odd daffodil that had braved the cold.

2013-04-10_0001 2013-04-10_0002 2013-04-10_0003 2013-04-10_0005 2013-04-10_0004

Jess is getting quite used to the camera being around, although now she is a little older we tend to have a few more crazy poses, which can lead to her being told to behave:

2013-04-10_0006However, the seriousness never lasts long and the adventure continues with stream crossing and hill climbing.

2013-04-10_0008 2013-04-10_0007Here are the rest from our day, please let the sunshine come back soon 🙂

2013-04-10_0015 2013-04-10_0008 2013-04-10_0009 2013-04-10_0010 2013-04-10_0011 2013-04-10_0012 2013-04-10_0013 2013-04-10_0014Lel xxx


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