Something to make you feel snug

Here in the UK today it is mainly cold and snowy, so what better day to post some lovely snuggly baby pictures to help you feel warm. Now boys, I know some of you will be thinking this post is not for you, but I know you all secretly like to look at baby pictures 🙂

These images were taken in May last year and due to the 366 Project, I haven’t managed to edit them until now. These have definitely kept me cosy today:

2013-01-14_0004 2013-01-14_0005 2013-01-14_0006 2013-01-14_0007 2013-01-14_0008 2013-01-14_0009 2013-01-14_0010 2013-01-14_0011 2013-01-14_0012

2013-01-14_0016 2013-01-14_0013 2013-01-14_0014 2013-01-14_0015 477833_260962584002395_1713835817_o

Stay cosy folks!

Lel xxx


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