Teddy Bear’s Picnic

As we are now in the gloomy month of January, with the short days, long nights, cold and we are all a little cash strapped; why don’t we take a look back to spring last year and some gorgeous March sunshine 🙂

In March, I organised a Teddy Bear’s picnic with a handful of local photographers, I say handful as there isn’t that many of us with children and really they were integral to be models on this shoot.

After weeks of trawling eBay for props, think bunting, bears and baskets, we were ready to go and shoot at the beautiful Highdown Gardens.

2013-01-04_0006 2013-01-04_0002 2013-01-04_0005


I had also been given some butterfly mirrors from friends last Christmas and really wanted to incorporate these in the shoot as well.

2013-01-04_0004 2013-01-04_0003The daffodils were in full bloom and we found a sun dappled area in which to set up our picnic.

2013-01-04_0009 2013-01-04_0008 2013-01-04_0007Once we were all set up it was time to introduce cakes and teddies.

2013-01-04_0016 2013-01-04_0010 2013-01-04_0012 2013-01-04_0014 2013-01-04_0015

I feel like there is something missing… ah yes, the children!! 🙂

2013-01-07_0001 2013-01-07_0002 2013-01-07_0003 2013-01-07_0004 2013-01-07_0005 2013-01-07_0006 2013-01-07_0007 2013-01-07_0008 2013-01-07_0009 2013-01-07_0010 2013-01-07_0011 2013-01-07_0012Many thanks to Sophie Moore of Little Miss Photography, Michael O’Rourke of The Light Whisperer for their help and the kind use of their children as models, and special mention to Andy Wilson for coming along and shooting out of his comfort zone 🙂

All of the props used were sourced from eBay or owned by one of the photographers, the cakes are from The Co-operative (mmmm cake!).

Lel xxx


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