How Do You Fit 366 Days into 4 minutes 30 seconds?

You may have noticed my silence for the pst few days, and I am sure after a whole year of blogging that you will excuse me a few days silence.

It has been a revelation not having the pressure of completing an image each day, although I must admit it also feels like there is something missing. I guess the blog and the image have become a bit of a habit over the past year, and it is tough to break a habit once it is established.

Mr SF suggested that I write a bit of a round-up post of the last year, including highs and lows, what I enjoyed, what I didn’t etc. It’s a good idea, but I don’t want to bore you all with a postmortem of the project.

I have to say, I did enjoy the times where I was able to complete a full shoot for a day’s image, such as Firestarter and Eye Of The Tiger. I’m also proud of the fact that although I missed days, I did catch up and there is not on day missed.

However, I am not that proud of the fact that I needed to cheat throughout the year and use old images. Although I did edit them on the day, which in essence created a new image, it definitely feels like cheating. I remember sitting in Tracey Barrow’s kitchen in February saying I wasn’t going to do just that. The thing is, life happens. With a full-time job that took up the majority of my time in the first half of the year, a job change, a small person and family, there were times that I seriously wanted to quit the whole thing.

Whenever I felt lie quitting, I remembered those doubting voices from January last year who thought I was “taking on too much” or that I would “give up by May”. To those people who were brave enough to say it to my face, but mostly to those that didn’t, I hope I have proved to you that it can be done, even with a little bit of cheating.

The other thing I kick myself about is that it may not have been as creative as I wanted it to be. Although I have to say, I have changed my opinion on this since putting all the images together and going back through them.

I have also found the task of writing a blog each day quite cathartic. There are days where it has been an outlet for frustration, an outlet for pride and just somewhere I can get thoughts down. Almost a diary without being a diary 🙂 At some times it has felt very personal, and I would often forget that people do read it. It took me by surprise last year when strangers approached me and said, “oh, you do that music project blog” and it took me further by surprise when I would get a text out of the blue from old friends commenting on something in the blog.

I will leave you today with a look through most of the images from the past year in 4 minutes 30 seconds as this blog post suggested 🙂 A massive thank you from me for sticking with this, plus a special mention to Mr SF and Little Miss, I love you both very much.

366 Days in 4 minutes 30 Seconds

Lel xxx


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