Day 364- I Wish

2012-12-29_0002I was sat with the CD on the sofa earlier, for the final time, trying to work out which song to use for tonight’s image. Little Mis was sat with me and we were messing around with her asking me the titles and me singing them at her if I knew them. Through this, Little Miss had a moment of clarity, “you should do ‘I Wish’ Mummy, then you could use a star, because that’s what you wish on”. So that is what we have done.

It seems somewhat fitting to finish the album images with a star and a wish. I’m not sure what that wish is yet but I know I am looking forward to bigger and better things with my photography in 2013. I am hoping to develop a full website, a separate blog for the business side of things, and maybe keep this blog for personal projects.

I was going to rebrand, but the general consensus (of a small number of people to be fair) hae said that they like the name Story Frame Photography. Personally, I have stuck with it for over a year and I’m still unsure. I guess I need to spend some time thinking about who I am, what the brand should reflect, and what best fits that. However, that is a blog post for another day.

The brightsparks amongst you will have noticed that I am talking like this is the last post and yet I have 2 days left. It’s true, there are 2 days left and so I asked Tracey and Dade for a song title each given that they have commented the most on the blog throughout the year. It is fitting that Tracey is in there as she was one of the main catalysts for me to do this project. There is no way I could match the quality and finesse of her previous 365 in 2011, and I don’t think I ever had any intention of trying to emulate Tracey through this.

Dade has also been there, mainly through the first 6 months of the year, to give me a kick up the backside creatively when needed and also pushed me to be more positive about my own work. Indeed, it was because of Dade that I had an image exhibited in Brighton this year. Unfortunately, we havent been able to get much time together in the later half of the year, but hopefully that will change in 2013 and we may even be able to get out and play cameras again soon 🙂

So there you have it, 2 more days, and then a well-earned rest with family SF.

Lel xxx


2 responses

  1. Hey Lel,
    Not meaning to patronise but I am pleased you completed your 366. I didn’t think you would as these are very demanding and time consuming projects and you had so much going on.
    It is indeed a shame we and the whole tog community seems to have drifted apart, I kind of hoped that the BPG would bring things together but alas not 😦

    For 2013, I will may an effort to connect more with some people and focus more on developing my own work.
    If there is one track that gets me fired up, its Eye of the Tiger 🙂

    • It’s not patronising at all, I know of several people who didn’t think I would do it and I’m sure there are plenty more besides whom I don’t know felt that way. I know there are days that I have cheated and only the edit was new and not the image, or days I have used my phone but I think the point is that there is an image for every single day.

      I also thought BPG was working, it certainly looks like it, I would say stick with it.

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