Day 362- Blowing In The Wind



I’m feeling a bit better today, it’s amazing what a good nights sleep and a lay in can do!

Little Miss was wandering around the house looking like a giant teddy this morning in the softest, fluffiest pyjama’s known to man that also have feet like a onesie, but are 2 piece for toilet stop ease ๐Ÿ™‚

I have happily made an apple crumble in one of my gorgeous new enamel dishes that my nother-in-law bought me for Christmas. It’s so nice baking with bowls and dishes that are similar to the ones I remember my Nan using, there’s something very nostalgic about it.

We have Christmas take 3 today as my parents are coming round which means we get t do Christmas all over again. Mr SF has made a turkey tikka masala which is bubbling away in the slow cooker and smells a-maz-ing! He has also sliced the rest of the beef that we had and we have sliced ciabatta with thinly sliced rare beef, I am drooling as I am typing.

I had a little play with the camera in the garden his morning, which was quite difficult as it is the time of year where there is not much going on, especially when all you have is pots and decking ๐Ÿ™‚ However, the Jasmine plant had some gorgeous greens and yellows and you can always count on a bit of ivy in the garden if you look hard enough.

Lel xxx


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