Day 360- Overjoyed

2012-12-25_0001ITS CHRIIIIIIISSSSSTTTTMMMMMMAAAAASSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

What a lovely day we have had at SFHQ. We woke up quite late in comparison to some others as we were up at 8am. Jess came into our room with her stocking and we all sat on our bed opening the presents in stockings.

Little Miss turned to me at one point this morning and said, “I don’t believe all the stories”. When I asked her what stories she meant she said the ones about Santa. So we sat together and I told her, “the thing about magic is that you have to believe it and feel it right at the bottom of your heart. If you can feel right at the bottom of your heart that Santa is real, then that is all that matters”. She was fine after this, and I have discovered an alternative career as a Disney writer should all else fail 😉

After that, we were in a bit of a getting ready/eating breakfast whirlwind in oder to get to church for 10am. The service was lovely with a few carols and the new vicar let his daughter do today’s reading which I thought was a really lovely touch.

We then came home and opened all of our presents. Little Miss had a mini mountain to get through and was very happy with every present. I think the one we have enjoyed the most this afternoon is her iPod. Now I know you are probably thinking we are bonkers buying a 5-year-old an iPod but she absolutely loves music and dancing, and watching her standing on a stool singing and dancing in the mirror for the majority of the afternoon has proved enough to us that it was a good present for her.

Mr SF has spent most of the day in the kitchen preparing a HUGE Christmas feast, delicious. I am now eating Heston’s Christmas pudding in between paragraphs whilst writing this, and I am seriously one spoon away from exploding through over indulgence 🙂

I hope tha you have all had a fantastic day and if any of you were presented with sparkly diamond rings and said yes, then don’t forget me for your photography.

Lel xxx


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