Day 356- What Christmas Means To Me


Hello? Are you still there? No apocalypse yet then? Phew. Although that does mean that I now have to complete the net 10 days and also wrap present mountain which we have closed away behind the spare room door with the “if you can’t see it,it isn’t there” mentality!

In all seriousness though, I thought it was about time to have a bit of a religious pause, especially as there has been so much talk of biblical apocalypse.

So here we have it, the meaning of Christmas, the birth of Christ. I guess the meaning is slightly lost in the haze of retail drama that Christmas is now wrapped in as well. Mr SF and I had quite a long discussion about Christmas gifts and whether there was a place for having a list of presents you want.

I think we both came to the conclusion that it is a little bit vulgar to have a list if you are over primary school age. As adults, we should be buying presents for those people that we know well enough that we don’t even need to ask what they want. Should we need to ask what to get for someone, surely the question should be to ourselves as to whether we should really be getting anything in the first place?

This conversation did lead me on to my good deed for the day. I had a conversation with someone yesterday who has had a very tough year. She is a single Mum with 4 kids ranging from nursery age to 17, and she is struggling to buy Christmas presents. So much so that she had mae the decision to buy presents for her eldest after Christmas.

Having met her eldest child, I can say without doubt that she is one of the most lovely 17 year olds I have ever met and puts her family before herself, and I really felt I wanted to offer her something to open on Christmas Day. I decided that I would offer to complete a photo shoot for this young lady and provide them with some prints. I know it’s not much, but I am hoping it will give her a huge confidence and self-esteem boost, and give this lovely selfless young lady something to open on Christmas Day, even if it is just a voucher.

Lel xxx


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