Day 353- Christmas Wrapping


Mr SF is staying away with work tonight so it gave me the chance to get his presents out of the car and many other hiding places and finally get them wrapped so that they can stay out of the car. I also unearthed some more family presents and decided to get on with wrapping those as well.

2 and a half hours later, I have managed to finish off 3 people’s worth of presents and I haven’t even touched the mountain of gifts under the stairs to wrap for Jess. Before you think she is spoiled (any more than usual), I used my clubcard points and converted them to Tesco Direct vouchers to use for toys so she has a slightly more bounteous Christmas than she would have had otherwise.

I have to say, online shopping definitely has its positives and negatives as I have found tonight. Positives include the convenience and the fact I don’t have to battle people at the shops. Negatives is that I had far more than I thought and as a result I know understand why I have so little money right now 😦

However, it is Christmas, and one of the best parts is seeing people open the gifts you have chosen for them, so hopefully everyone will like them.

Lel xxx


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