Day 352- O Come All Ye Faithful

2012-12-17_0002 Little Miss and I went for a walk along the seafront tonight. No, we haven’t lost the plot, there was method behind our madness of a night-time stroll in the cold!

Each year, a number of the beach hut owners in Brighton and Hove take part in a beach hut advent calendar. Each night of advent a different beach hut is open between 5.30pm-6.30pm all decorated, like a giant advent calendar 🙂

I had been promising Little Miss that we would go but every night last week there was a reason we couldn’t go. Tonight we decided to just do it so with Little Miss bundled up in her onesie, muppet skin fleece, big winter jacket and my hat (because her hood won’t stay up), off we went.

It was beautiful.

As we got closer to the hut, there was the lovely noise of the singing choir drifting towards us coupled with the smell of mulled wine. If I wasn’t feeling the Christmas spirit before tonight, I certainly am now. The song that greeted us was O Come All Ye Faithful, which happens to also be one of my favourite carols if only for the memories it conjours of drunken midnight mass with very dear friends, one of whom now lives in LA and the other I believe just got engaged, how times change 🙂


I’m tempted to take Little Miss again tomorrow as it really was quite a special thing to do, and much better than a small window with a chocolate behind it, and that is saying something from a family of chocoholics.

Lel xxx



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