Day 450- I Wonder In Whose Arms

2012-12-15_0001There’s no reason to wonder really, as this is only me and Mr SF. I don’t think this is the shot that either of us had in mind but we are both so tired that neither of us seemed to be able to explain properly to the other what we meant!

Mr SF was out last night (hence me siting indoors drinking and listening to Radio 2), and I am still full of cold. Little Miss is also suffering with a cold and I am crossing all of my fingers that she shakes it off enough for her pre-op assessment next week for her tonsils.

We went to see Rise of The Guardians today, at the expense of my Christmas shopping but I was running out of patience with shopping anyway. I think all my family are going to end up with random vouchers that can be purchased in bulk at a supermarket at this rate. Only kidding, Father Christmas will sort it out and I will be able to kick back and relax, because I believe in Father Christmas 🙂

Lel xxx


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