Day 348- Ain’t No Pleasing You

2012-12-13_0001It’s going to be a short post from me tonight I’m afraid, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there are mince pies warming in the oven and the last part of The Hour is just about to start on BBC2. Secondly, I have Lel Flu.

Lel Flu is not as bad as Man Flu, but it is worse than your run of the mill cold. Ok, I am being a bit dramatic but I do feel properly rubbish 😦 I also feel very sorry for Mr SF who told me this morning “you were snoring”. it has to have been bad for him to say something but I really can’t help it, he nasty lurgy is making me snore!

I’m not saying much about tonight’s image, only to say that I am so amazed at Little Miss’ skin transformation from how bad her chicken pox were to now, I haven’t tampered with it in post production either. I can hand on heart endorse bio oil to anyone. Yes, its expensive but man that stuff works 🙂

I’m off to get my mince-pie action on.

Lel xxx


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