Day 347- Gertcha


Gertcha, as I understand it from Mr SF, is something that people would say in place of  “get out of it” or said in a moment of frustration.

Well I have to say gertcha in that case to Little Miss’ school. They had the reception classes nativity play today and it was fantastic. Complete with all the elements that a reception class play should have; out of time lines, waving, fidgeting, tears and best of all big proud smiles from parents.

However, I am not allowed to share any pictures of it with you, and whilst I totally understand that in terms of child protection, it does make the blog a bit difficult in terms of being a proud parent myself.

The best I can do is the programme, that show’s you she was in it and I have blanked out all the rest of the children’s names. However, if I do see you in the flesh over Christmas I will be able to show you and Mr SF even has some of it on video (I can hear you groaning from here!) 🙂

Lel xxx


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