Day 346- Long Time No See


The Christmas tree is up, hurrah! The decorations are out and there is not a branch on our tree that doesn’t have a decoration. We even have decorations around the bottom of the tree as we ran out of space.

Round baubles, star and snowflake shaped baubles, Cadbury’s chocolate, choccywoccydoodah chocolates, lights, tinsel and even Little Miss’ hand made decorations are all out, even the slightly dubious mouldy looking play dough angel which may well only survive this year now!

I love it when you get the decorations out. They have been stored under the stairs for most of the year and when you get them out of the box its like greeting an old friend. I still remember when my Nan used to get her decorations out. She used to have the special ones wrapped in tissue in an old purple Quality Streets tin. The ones I remember the most are the bauble in the shape of the moon and the fairy on the top of the tree made from a doll. Nan always used to put parma violet sweets on the tree. Why would you do that? They are just plain nasty.

The thing I like the most is getting out the decorations with the year written on them. We have Disney baubles from 2010 and now 2012, we missed it last year but the Disney baubles started when we moved to Hove. We also have decorations with pictures of Little Miss in from last Christmas. Before you go running for the hills thinking I have no taste, they were a present but they are amongst the things on the tree that just make you go “aahhhh” πŸ™‚

I love this time of year (as if you hadn’t guessed), and now I’m off to write Christmas cards.

Lel xxx


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