Day 345- Got My Beer In The Sideboard Here


Technically, my beer wason the sideboard, but unless I am very much mistaken it looks as if I need another pint so off you go to the bar then 🙂

I really like the light coming through the top of the glass in this image, and the seedy pub colours. I do like a good old boozer every now and then, you can’t always go to swish bars and spend ridiculous amounts of money. Mind you, Mr SF and I don’t frequent pubs that much any more so I am constantly shocked at the price of a night out. At the risk of sounding like I’m well and truly past it, I remember when a night out used to cost £20 and that included a kebab and taxi home.

The headache monster has reared its evil head again today and I had to ask colleagues for headache tablets as for some strange reason I didn’t have any. One of my colleagues used to be a travel rep and all he had was “Asparina”, I have to say that they didn’t shift the headache, but they did make me smile.

I spent far too much money online Christmas shopping last night, it was a bit of a shock checking my bank balance today but it does mean that I am forced to stop shopping. Sorry Mr SF if you don’t have much this year but its quality not quantity, honest!

Lel xxx



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