Day 344- Strummin’

2012-12-09_0002 2012-12-09_0001

Chas and Dave in the flesh last night, and now Chas and Dave for a whole week on the blog, before I concede and give you a Christmas themed vote next week.

Last night was brilliant. Cockneys, Mockneys, random pints (very random pints), 3 hours of mostly dancing with my arms and being able to sing as if I never dropped that west London accent, awesome!

I have seen on Facebook today that someone complained to the management that they got squashed against a barrier and had beer thrown oer them. Yes, there was beer throwing and pushing going on right at the front but that is to be expected, unless of course you were expecting a Michael Buble gig and then of course you should complain to the management! There was seating tickets available and if you don’t want to get in amongst it, then maybe buy those tickets?

Mr SF and I drove home from the O2 last night, bought kebabs at 1am and went to bed at 2am. I have to say I am so tired today, but very happy. Mr SF and I have talked quite a lot this weekend and have both acknowledged how difficult this project can be, and how glad we both are that it’s nearly over. It’s the little reasons more than anything else, like being able to sit and watch a film together, or talk rather than both having our heads in laptops.

That’s not to say that we didn’t plan something spectacular for next year. On the contrary, I won’t be completing daily images but there will be something. I will unveil the plans on New Years Day, so don’t be too hung over 🙂

Lel xxx


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