A Brief Interlude

Hi all, have you missed me this week? I will be catching up, it’s just all gone bananas here this week!

I had to stay at Heathrow on Monday night for an early morning flight to Newcastle on Tuesday. 2 days of meetings later we were finally back at Newcastle Airport for what we thought was a 6pm flight on Wednesday. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas and we didn’t take off until gone 9pm, meaning I didn’t get back to Story Frame HQ until 1am.

Yesterday we decorated the tree, and I bought an iPhone, so I spent the evening sorting that out, tonight I will be whisking Little Miss to Essex for a weekend of Pantomime and then straight back for a meal with Mr SF.

I promise you, as always, that I will catch up, but I have a feeling tomorrow will be a full on photography day rather than trying to rush it today.

Thank you for bearing with me, especially if you had voted for this week’s album and were waiting for images each day. Also, thank you for the text messages checking I was ok and still alive, I’m very much still here 🙂

Lel xxx


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