Day 337- Blinded By The Lights


I have a couple of admissions to make tonight. firstly, I have never listened to this album, and have never listened to tonight’s track. I am sure I have a few friends that will disown me, particularly the one that felt the need to vote over 60 times this week to ensure it was this album! Incidentally, out of the three album choices this week, this is the album that worried me the most so thanks 😦

My second confession is that tonight is an edit only night, but with good reason. My social life (remember that!) has reared its head and we went out for a gorgeous leisurely lunch with some dear friends of ours. I have to say though, I was a little worried when one of them asked about how my project was going and didn’t realise it was an actual blog and not just Facebook  posts.

I’m on day 2 of my advent calendar, lovely chocolates. Mind you, I have a feeling I will be sharing all of these with Little Miss as I was woken up yesterday morning with her little voice saying “you need to open your calendar, and remember to share…” Cheeky monkey! Mind you, we were woken up with a similar little voice this morning proclaiming “I’m starving”. Literally the first thing she said this morning as we were all in the same room sleeping over and Nanny and Grandad’s post Jason Mraz (last mention, honest!).

Today has therefore been mostly about food, which is fine, it’s Sunday and its December. I have also decided that I’m no longer going to make a Christmas cake but am going to try my had at a gingerbread house. I will make sure that I share the results with you all 🙂

Lel xxx


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