Day 336- Pure Shores


You didn’t really think I would let All Saints go by without getting a Brighton beach shot did you?

Now, I know that I am a day late with this but I have a good excuse, Mr SF and I went to see Jason Mraz a the O2 last night and it was amazing. Jason Mraz performed barefoot, and I like to take photo’s barefoot, maybe I should see if I can get to photograph the man himself? I don’t think this is as far-fetched as it sounds. There was someone last night who arranged to propose to his girlfriend mid-concert so surely if someone can arrange that I could arrange a photo session? Stranger things have happened…

I have t admit I spent a lot of the first song watching the photographers in the pit (the bit in front of he stage but not in the audience). There was only 2 of them as far as I could see, no flash so that ISO must have been cranked right up. 2 camera bodies each and at least a 70-200mm lens on the camera. Don’t ask me if it was Nikon or Cannon though, I was much to far away to distinguish that 🙂

Lel xxx


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