Day 335- I Know Where It’s At


From the age of 18 to around 24 (ish), I would be out practically every Friday and Saturday night without fail and it would undoubtedly involve booze and dancing.

Fast forward 8-10 years and most Friday nights are spent in front of the TV in pyjama’s with a cup of tea. Rock and Roll 🙂

However, I currently have 6 bottles of Prosecco in the house, along with random bottles of wine and beer in the fridge, its party season people! Because I work in a field based role, there will be no office party and for my photography the only person I work with is me. However, the Shooting Sisters will be having a late Christmas Party in January and rumour has it that Brighton will be the venue, perfect.

I did get out dancing today though. It was Little Miss’ first ever school disco and they had to have a parent with them. Cue lots of middle class 30-something mum’s trying not to go wild to a bit of Robbie Williams in deepest darkest Hove 😉

Now, you will have to excuse me, I am behind on my Friday evening ritual and have not yet changed into my pyjamas, let alone made a cup of tea!

Lel xxx


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