Day 334- Twentyfourseven


The one ad thing about having days working from home is that I tend to have the heating on all the time, especially as Mother nature seems to have finally come out of her coma and decided to give us season appropriate weather!

Hopefully the gas bill won’t be too horrendous, we already pay a small fortune each month on our energy bills. I really do think as a country we need to look into investing more in renewable energy such as wind and solar although there is a slight NIMBY (not in my back yard) mentality about this kind of power with people not wanting windmills or solar panels in the view from their house. Whilst part of me understands that, a bigger part of me wonders what these people will think when fossil fuels finally run out because it will happen.

Tomorrow is the 1st December. Not only does it mean at least 1 chocolate a day for the next 25 days, it also means Mr SF and I are off to see Jason Mraz tomorrow night šŸ™‚ We then get to see some really good friends of ours on Sunday for a lovely country pub lunch, it’s going to be a great weekend.

Lel xxx


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