Day 333- Under The Bridge

Back on day 221, over 100 days ago, I also completed images for the original Red Hot Chilli Peppers version of this tack, rather than this rather poor cover version. I can still remember the horror that washed over me when I first heard the All Saint’s version of the song.

Back on day 221, I had just started Boot Camp and the Edinburgh festival was on as Lou (my cousin) was working up there. Now it is panto season and Lou is back up in Derby for this year’s run.

Instead of being actually under the bridge this time around, I wanted to show the bridge and really wanted to get some light trails. My initial thoughts included rush hour traffic on the A23 or A27, but neither myself or Mr SF could think of a place where it was pedestrianised or safe enough for me to be there.

Going back to the drawing board, Mr SF suggested the Marina, there is road bridges connecting the marina to Brighton and I have to say it was perfect. From the safety of the car park I was able to get some lovely light trails from the cars heading back into Brighton.

On a completely different note, there is only a couple of days left until I can start my amazing Thorntons advent calendar (thank you Mr SF), and Little Miss can start her Lego advent calendar. I do love me a bit of Christmas 🙂

Lel xxx


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