Day 332- All Hung Up

Now I could have gone for a 50 Shades theme to tonight’s image to carry on the theme from last night, but as I said to someone today, I wouldn’t possibly know what you were talking about… (plus, I am still on book 1 🙂 )

These medals all belong to Mr SF. He has done a lot of runs this year and I am very proud of him. He completed a marathon over a weekend and completed a half marathon in the middle of the night with very little sponsorship money to do it. The only downside to all this running is he has slimmed down so much he has had to get a ring I bought for him resized to make it smaller 😦

It has however inspired me to start running and as you will all know I have now completed two 10km runs. One of these was for Chestnut Tree Hospice, a local children’s hospice here in Sussex. I am now contemplating taking up their 2013 run challenge and signing up to become one of their runners next year. There are three 10km runs throughout the year, and a half marathon in September. I have to state how much money I think I could raise and how I would do it, so any fundraising tips would be great.

So who knows, maybe next year it will be my medals that are all hung up? 🙂

Lel xxx


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