Day 331- Bootie Call


It was about time for another self-portrait, and what better song title to use than Bootie Call. Thanks to my gorgeous man, I haven’t had an actual bootie call for many years, and it’s quite a relief if I am really honest and something that firmly belongs in my mis-spent youth.

I have to admit that when this song came out I remember asking a friend what a bootie call was! I think the most spectacular bootie call I ever had was when I was in my third year of university but I won’t go into details apart from to say I was single at the time. Sorry folks, but the details will remain in my long distant 20’s 🙂

Now, don’t get me wrong single friends (Bridget that means you), I still want to know about anything going on with you, where else am I going to get my gossip from 😉

Lel xxx





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