Day 330- Black Coffee


Well then you little monkeys, I have to say  am surprised that you chose All Saints this week. However, having had quite a strong text message threatening a divorce of friendship if it was me that owned Joss Stone, I am not that surprised. Just to set your mid at rest, it is Mr SF that owns Joss Stone’s album and not me, but it is on the shelf.

We have quite a lot of coffee in our house, which is a bit odd considering I only really drink tea at home so the plethora of coffee in the house is for Mr SF. At the beginning of the year it was all about Latte’s and now it is all about Black Americano’s, less calorific.

There are now only 36 days left of this project. Someone asked me if hey could reference to one of my imaged earlier in the week. Of course I was fine with this, but we were both shocked when the said image was day 11

36 days that’s 5 weeks and 1 day. Which equates to 4 more Friday night votes and an extra day for luck. Hopefully you will stay with me for the next 5 weeks.

Lel xxx



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