Day 328- I Need Something


We had a great day out today. We took Little Miss for her annual trip to see Santa at Harrods courtesy of my lovely cousin (thank you again), and then Little Miss and Mr SF took me for a surprise trip to M&M’s world, yay!!

We had a heart stopping moment when we thought we were going to set off an M&M’s avalanche when we were at the pick and mix type part. You put your bag underneath and pull a lever to dispense them. What we didn’t realise is that it doesn’t dispense a certain amount, it’s actually continuous. After all 3 of us panicking and trying to get Little Miss to turn it off, we finally left with over £20 worth of M&M’s. If this doesn’t cure the current addiction then nothing will 🙂

Little Miss also had a mini heart attack and almost leapt into my arms when a giant M&M walked up behind her and we made her turn around, evil parents. She was ok in the end though and even had her picture taken with it.

I have to say though, when we do have days out like this we always end up forgetting to both eat and drink. Little Miss now jokes that if I don’t eat and drink that I will turn into a “flip-top head monster”. She’s right, I do. I was absolutely desperate for a cup of tea and so we stopped for drinks and a snack. Mr SF then thought it would be ok to have some of my cake. Seriously? You ask a flip-top head monster to share cake? GET YOUR OWN!!!! 😉

To be fair to Mr SF, he is now eating some of the many peanut M&M’s so he is getting his sugar fix now, after a begrudged mouthful of cake earlier.

Lel xxx


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