Day 327- Intro


Before you say Intro isn’t a track, it absolutely is, I have the CD here in front of me and it is track 1 on the album.

I’m a bit late tonight as I was let loose on a Thursday night, can you believe it, out on the town on a school night?! 🙂

I have been to the Oh My Honey launch of her new 2013 wedding dresses in Brighton tonight. There were a lot of wedding industry peers there, from the photographic world as well as these gorgeous cakes, (you know how I love a good cake), hair, make up and wedding bloggers such as Kat from Rock N Roll Bride who I am pleased to say rocked her teal wedges in style.

There were a plethora of fabulous wedding photographers, my advance apologies if I miss anyone, such as Laura from Cherry Red, Cristine Rossi, Laura Babb, Lisa Devlin, Dade Freeman of Krysalis Photography and Erika Szostak of Photo Madly doing a great job running the photobooth the brave lady she is!

The dresses were spectacular. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get any pictures of them as I was squeezed in a tiny space watching though the man in front of me’s iPhone 😦 However, if you are looking for a wedding dress with a 1950’s style, look no further than Oh My Honey.

Here are some more images from this eve, and I am off to sleep 🙂

I can’t resist posting this one of Cristina, love you 🙂

Lel xxx


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