Day 324- Gone In The Morning

It was like a mini Christmas in our house this morning. We were having milk delivered for the first time and there was that moment of “will it be there?” when we opened the door… It was of course there 🙂 Our milkman, Brian, apparently does the rounds before 6am so he is always gone in the morning by the time you get up 😉

I had a bit of an eventful day today. Whilst driving on the motorway I heard a loud bang from the car, nothing seemed to be wrong so I put it down to a stone flying up from the road. A couple of miles down the road and the noise from the road was awful. The bang had been a nail popping my tyre and I subsequently ended up in the services about 5 miles from home waiting for the RAC to come and change my tyre.

Now before you all get up in arms about why I didn’t change my own tyre let me say this, it is a company car, I had heels on and work clothes and quite frankly I wouldn’t trust me to do wheel nuts up tight enough. I know my Mum and Dad will be disappointed that I didn’t do it and don’t think the irony of working in engineering is lost on me 🙂

The RAC were remarkable. They were with me in less than 15 minutes. In fact, I had just enough time to ring my boss, ring fleet management and then whilst speaking to Mr SF, the RAC man was there.

Ironically, there was a debate on Radio 4 about the demise of the spare tyre in new cars today and that VW are one of the only manufacturers to give you an actual tyre, albeit a space-saving one that limits you to 50 mph and makes you look like a crazy person drew your car!

Incidentally, the Radio 4 programme from earlier is worth a listen if only to hear the stupid person stating that he posted a picture of his Barclay’s debit card on Twitter to show the personalisation and yet still hasn’t taken the picture down. Muppet!

Lel xxx





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