Day 323- Face (Her)


She looks sweetness and light now doesn’t she? It really is amazing what Photoshop can do as she has been a little horror all afternoon! What makes it worse is that she laughs when she is getting told off, I foresee a lot of time on the “time out step” this week if she doesn’t curb this craziness 😦

Taking this image of her though, I can’t help but let my mind wander forward 10 years and think just how stunning she is going to be, and how exactly I keep her away from boys, I am sure I took some notes from that Rapunzel film somewhere…

Today has been a bit of a crazy one all round, let alone throwing Little Miss into the mix. I was up at 7am eating porridge and drinking water in preparation for the Brooks Brighton 10km run. I was really nervous about this as the last 10km I did back in September I spent 5km of it looking for a toilet!

At 9.50am I lined up with over 2400 other runners in the glorious sunshine and headed off for the 10km. I had sorted out my music playlist on Mr SF’s iPod last night (thank you) and so had a much better running playlist than before. The start was manic and I almost got tripped over twice so I went off a bit quicker than I would have liked.

The worst thing about a run on home territory was knowing exactly how far I needed to go before turning back but I used some of Mr SF’s hints and tips and set myself little geographical check points and picked off the people ahead of me one by one, like a running sniper 🙂

I managed to run the whole thing, I whacked the 9km marker with my hand and could hear the gasps of the women behind me, oops! I even managed a sprint at the end and came in at 1 hours 7 minutes, knocking almost 5 minutes off of my previous time 🙂

Here are some images from today, courtesy of Mr SF and his iPhone:

The rest of the day was spent eating ice cream, the best Rocky Road cake ever (it had peanut m and m’s in it), and awesome  pot roast beef from Mr SF, all topped up with snuggling up on the sofa watching Krull. Happy Sunday 🙂

Lel xxx


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