Day 322- Sea Of Time


It’s a bit of a grey and overcast afternoon here in Hove after a nice bright morning. The grey afternoon doesn’t really help when you decide to go down to the beach for photo’s, ah well!

Little Miss was very concerned about my plans to submerge the clock into the sea and as such came along with me to supervise. The clock did get washed over by a rogue huge wave, but it is still ticking and Little Miss is definitely relieved.

Whilst we were on the beach, Mr SF was sent on Starbucks duty to go and get hot chocolate. 🙂 Little Miss and I are suffering with headaches today and hot chocolate on the sea with the waves crashing and the sea air was really lovely. Little Miss has massive tonsils again today but seems to have picked up a lot since being sent home from school yesterday which is great.

We went to a lovely new cafe on George Street in Hove today called Fankie’s Heavenly Deli ( it doesn’t yet have a website or Facebook page). This place is probably the most baby/small child friendly place I have ever been into! They have a children’s area complete with small tables and chairs, toys and a DVD player. The staff are friendly, they serve tea in big mugs and they have a fantastic cake selection, what more could a girl want! It’s no match for Treacle and Co in terms of cake, but much more relaxed with small people in tow.They also do children’s sandwiches for £1, and will cut them into different shapes, amazing.

With a huge Cafe Nero opening opposite, it’s definitely worth a trip to Frankie’s not only to save yourself a little bit of cash, but also to support local business.

Lel xxx


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