Day 320- It’s All Too Much


Blooming chilli.

I had been looking forward to dinner all day, no exaggeration, as I knew it was going to be chilli. As I started to eat it I questioned Mr SF as to whether he had put more chilli in it. Yes, he had, and boy it was hot. It seriously burnt my throat and gave me tingly lips and not in a good way šŸ˜¦ I managed to eat half of it before giving up, sorry Mr SF.

Chilli aside, it is one of those weeks where this project feels like an uphill struggle. The titles are quite difficult bearing in mind the time frame I have when you factor in a full-time job, time with the family and trying to slot in some exercise, which also hasn’t happened this week.

I think there may be a link between my motivation levels and the level of exercise I do in a week. I definitely feel more energised if I have had some exercise so that is definitely something to refocus on tomorrow. I may even be brave and purchase 30 Day Shred which I have been thinking about doing for about 6 months šŸ™‚

Before I sign off tonight, anyone got any ideas where I can find a yellow submarine outside of Liverpool? šŸ˜‰

Lel xxx



One response

  1. I totally agree on motivation being linked with exercise. I know I take it to the extreme by getting up at stupid o’clock to do my exercise and 6 days a week (I know -mental!), but it really sets me up for the whole day and I feel heaps better for it. Mind you on the days I have a really early start I am in bed latest 21.30hrs – lol!!

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