Day 318- March Of The Meanies


Please don’t hate me for this one. I know it’s not my normal style of edit but I wanted to try to make it a lot more cartoon like as Yellow Submarine is a cartoon film after all.

It’s been an odd day today, I drove all the way to East London to an appointment to find that it rally wasn’t relevant and then drive all the way home again 😦

Little Miss and I had a tough day with shouting and time out. The time out was a lot more effective than shouting ever is although I do always feel like a big meany whether it is shouting or time out. It’s hard to know what o do sometimes, she is so strong-willed and so good at saying “NO” that it really is incredibly hard to keep your cool 100% of the time. However, I couldn’t help smile when she asked me “why must I have 5 minutes time out?” When I told her it is because she is 5 now, there was a moment’s silence and then realisation followed by “so next year it will be 6 minutes?” 🙂

To be fair to her though, she did manage to do her reading that school sent home, without being cajoled or bribed, which is a first, and hopefully the breakthrough we have been waiting for in terms of her stubbornness when it comes to reading. I have no idea where that stubborn streak comes from… 😉

Lel xxx


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