Day 317- Pepperland


Yellow Submarine was Little Miss’ favourite film for a long time between the ages of 2-4. Helped by her undying love for our friend’s son who first introduced her to the song on a Nintendo Wii karaoke game.

Little Miss knows all of the words to pretty much all of the songs on the album, and has graduated to more of The Beatles back catalogue. I’m pretty confident that she would be able to identify a Beatles song within the first few bars now. Her musical education is coming along nicely I would say. 🙂

Bearing that in mind, we ordered her “main” Christmas present last night. Anyone else remember that from when you were little? There was always a “main” present in amongst the other presents, one that blew the rest out of the water. When I was her age it was the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars films, which incidentally has now passed down to Little Miss.

Back to the “main” present. We have ordered her a pink iPod Nano, with her name engraved on the back which we are going to load with some of her favourite songs. Being a member of The Guild of Photographers I get a discount with Apple which made this an even better present 🙂 Along with The Beatles, she will also have some Rizzle Kicks (Mamma Do The Hump being one of her favourites), Guns N Roses, Disney, Elton John and various others.

In fact, thinking about it, Jess has ben exposed to most of the albums on our 366 journey so far, as much as this is a journey for me photographically, it has been a great musical journey for her.

Lel xxx


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