Day 316- All You Need Is Love


Little Miss had a full on party hangover today. She was still asleep at 8.45am and then when she did get up she was complaining of sore legs (that would be the high energy dancing) and tiredness. We managed to get to church for Remembrance Sunday service which was lovely and then it was straight home for pizza, pj’s, lots of Mummy cuddles and Nanny McPhee on DVD.

She did ask me today when I was going to finish my photography. I asked her if she meant this project, or all of my photography to which she replied “both”. I asked her why she wants me to finish my photography completely and she said “so I can have more Mummy time, you are always doing something with your photography”.

This was had to hear tonight as only yesterday did I have 2 conversations about not doing as much photography as  would like due to wanting to balance the time I have with family, work and photography. I am hoping her comment today was just party of the party hangover and not how she really feels. I didn’t think that I had done enough photography related work this year and this feedback from Little Miss has thrown me a bit I have to say.

Tonight the world of online Christmas shopping beckons although I still haven’t seen the Coca-Cola advert, it better hurry up though as there are now only 44 sleeps until Christmas 🙂

Lel xxx



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