Day 315- Jesus In A Camper Van


I know, he’s not in a camper van, and it’s not technically Jesus, but he does look like a 1960’s Jesus and I am taking the route of poetic licence on this one! 🙂

Yesterday was the Fashion Detectives wedding anniversary party, and it was a glam 1960’s extravaganza. Think less Austin Powers and more Breakfast at Tiffany’s (which incidentally was on the big screen whilst we partied last night) and you will have an idea of how we all looked last night.

The image below is courtesy of Fashion Detective, posted on Facebook this evening, of Mr SF and I:

The party was great with lots of people dressing in 1960′ style, even the children! I have to admit I was a little anxious about what to wear to a fashion blogger’s party and had a conversation with friends yesterday morning which ended with them all saying “rather you than me” in terms of finding something to wear to such a stylish lady’s party. Jo, aka Fashion Detective, was nominated and shortlisted for an award for her blog this year, so this is not me over exaggerating.

Booze and blurry photos were the order of the night, for me at any rate. I had camera frustration, I had to crank up the ISO and was in desperate need of a flash. I think that flash and new camera body have zoomed up the Christmas list after sitting here this afternoon salvaging what I could from last night.

The one thing I am most frustrated about is that I managed to get some time with Jo and her husband Matt away from the rest of the party. I thought I had some great shots but again, they are blurred and super soft in terms of focus. So, below are the only images I managed to salvage, which are super soft, for which I can but apologise ( and also blame vodka):

Normal, non-blurry focus will resume tomorrow 🙂

Lel xxx



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