Day 314- Win Some, Lose Some

It’s interesting what we go through to get an image. For tonight’s image I laid on the floor whilst directing Mr SF in a Knigtmare style . Do any of you remember Knightmare off of 1980’s children’s TV? Side step left, side step left, RUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!

So, as I said, whilst laying on the floor, I set the camera to continuous shooting mode and got Mr SF to spray the cards in a “Vegas” stylee! Trying to invoke the win vs. lose scenario. I really like these images although they were a little dark for my liking.

It’s been an interesting day, there has been an underlying excitement and secret mission amongst The Shooting Sisters (the group of female photographers that I belong to) that has really overshadowed everything. I’m glad to say the Bond style mission was a success, but that is all I can say right now 😉

I’m also going to apologise in advance. Tomorrow is a day full of parties, Little Miss is at a friend’s birthday during the day and then we are off to party with the amazing Fashion Detective at her 1960’s inspired 10th wedding anniversary and I can’t wait! I have my actual 1960’s vintage dress which has been altered to fit and I am ready to rock that frock 🙂 Mind you, the alterations have certainly emphasised those curves I hate so much. It is hanging up now to dry and it looks like a dolls dress blown up to human size. I still can’t decide if that is a good or bad thing? Huuuuuge hips, small waist etc…

I’m also going to apologise therefore if my post is from my phone tomorrow and maybe a little less coherent than usual 🙂

I am off now to have a glass of Pinot Blush whilst watching Attenborough. I deserve it, I taught Little Miss about aerodynamics with the use of spinners tonight. You see, not just a curvy body my friends, there’s a brain there somewhere too!

Lel xxx


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