Day 313- Karma Killer


We’ve all been there.  The lights are low, clothes are coming off, and then it happens. BEEEEEEP, BEEEEEEP (or in our case the laughter of minions from Despicable Me).

The phone.

It is a serious mood killer. Honestly, these things are everywhere. We have 4 between 2 of us, which means that you are never in a room without a phone in this house. My mum has commented before that Mr SF and I are always on our phones,  texting, checking e-mail, checking Facebook. I even think Little Miss has tried to get our attention whilst we have been on phones, which is when you start to realise that these tiny handheld machines have far too much power over us!

It’s not just at home though, I was at a meeting today with quite an important employer, and both their phone and my colleague’s phone interrupted the meeting.

I have a challenge for you all. Try just for one evening to turn your phones off (all of them), and have an uninterupted low lights moment with that special person in your life 😉 Those of you tha are single, turn the phone off and get that film on that you’ve wanted to watch for ages, or you could have your own low lights moment but this is a family blog so I am leaving that train of thought right there…

Lel xxx




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