Day 312- Millennium

We are a couple of days behind but we finally managed some fireworks here at Story Frame HQ tonight. Bundled up in pyjamas, fluffy boots, coats and hats we went out into the garden for a half hour gun powder extravaganza! The reason fr fireworks for tonight’s post is that is the main thing I can remember from millennium, the obscene amount of fireworks that were let off at midnight. That and the fact that worldwide technology did not grind to a halt as had been suspected 🙂

I know that most people will go to organised fireworks, and we have done that. The thing is, Jess can get quite jittery without warning, and completely freak out. Mix that with drunk teenagers that are an obligatory part of organised fireworks displays and it really isn’t something that we want to spend money to do.

We did knock next door to warn them for the sake of the dog, so we did try t be responsible for the pets that are around us. Having said that, there were not that many fireworks with loud bangs so it looks as if Mr SF did very good firework buying this year.

Little Miss and I had great fun with the sparklers creating light patterns for these images:

Lel xxx


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