Day 311- No Regrets

The start of the week was the exercise and today is the post exercise indulgence, and a treat to say well done to me for getting over my psychological barrier and getting back out to run this evening. I also like the fact that it looks like it is smiling at me in a “well done for your run” kind of way. No, I am not crazy, it really is smiling…

I managed to run 4.49 miles, and in my quickest time yet 🙂 I was averaging 11 minute miles which means if I run at that speed on the 18th November I will complete the 10km in 1 hour 6 minutes-ish, taking 6 minutes off my previous time. I’m chuffed with this as I haven’t run since September but I have been continuing with boot camp and boxercise, so it must be doing me some good.

There are over 3000 people doing the 10km in Brighton on 18th November, I for one will not be taking my camera so if anyone fancies coming down to cheer us on and take a few pictures, then get your hats and scarves and wrap up warm and come on down.

Lel xxx



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