Day 309- Strong


Who would have thought back in January, when I had a body that resembled a flump, that I would be completing a self-portrait that included weights, sports wear and “the plank”?

I have my second 10km run in 2 weeks time and I am a little worried as I haven’t completed a run since the last 10km. I think its psychological as I was so ill after the last run, but I need to get over it this week so that I can get 2 weeks decent training in. I’m not to worried in terms of fitness as I have gone up to 4-5 sessions a week with boot camp and boxercise, but I am concerned in terms of the stamina required for the distance.

My race number turned up yesterday as well which makes it even more scary. Its pretty technologically advanced as well with the timing chip attached to the number rather than a fiddly piece of paper to loop around my shoe laces.

Did you know its only 50 days until Christmas? I’m sorry to use the C word but it is going to happen. The Toys R Us advert is already in full on brain washing mode although Little Miss did say she didn’t want the doll currently being advertised!

I on the other hand will not declare it Christmas until the Coca Cola advert is on. Yes, there may be red cups in Starbucks, black cherry hot chocolates in Costa who incidentally outclassed Starbucks in terms of cake choice for Christmas, and a huge Thornton’s advent calendar in the cupboard (thank you Mr SF), but we all know it isn’t Christmas until we are all walking around humming “holidays are coming, holidays are coming…” (Bet you are humming or singing it now šŸ™‚ )

Lel xxx


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