Day 308- Live and Let Die


I have had varying ideas for this image throughout the week, however, I saw an image during the week that was practically my idea and as such decided against it. Plus, when I actually saw it during the week I thought it was actually quite tacky.

This afternoon I took myself to Hove cemetery and started to look for the life of nature entwined with the symbolism of death. There was some beautiful monuments to loved ones past and I found myself getting quite moved by the tiny graves of babies that had lived very short lives.

I also found myself getting angry at the monuments that had been decapitated and had their arms broken off. It’s very disrespectful.

The broken monuments did intrigue me, and made me wonder about how long it takes before no one cares any more, and no one visits or maintains the monument any more?

I also found myself drawn to the splashes of colour that were in the cemetery from the wild flowers and the berries.

I leave you tonight with something my Nan used to say:

Lel xxx


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