Day 307- Paradise City


Town was very busy today, full of families on half term, women on hen parties and lots of international students.

Brighton is my paradise city. It really does have everything without being as big and overwhelming as places like London. It has is history, its art, it has its edgy side, we have the beach and we also have amazing restaurants, not that I am food obsessed or anything!

Taking my camera out with me this afternoon with only one lens was quite liberating. I was able to concentrate on the images I wanted rather than worrying about carrying my bag and swapping lenses. In fact, I may do it more often as it also really challenges you to think about where you are, what yu are trying to capture and how to do it.

I was using a prime lens today which meant I didn’t have the luxury of zooming in or out. If I wanted it big, I had to get up close and personal which worked out well with the grafitti fas you can see the texture of the wall.

I have finally managed to warm up since the mud fest of boot camp this morning, and have just eaten the best home-made burgers that Mr SF and Little Miss made, I now have a glass of wine, the work phone is off, let the weekend commence 🙂

Lel xxx


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