Day 306- November Rain


At 7am this morning, myself, 11 others and an instructor were on the seafront in the driving, icy rain. It was incredibly wet (as rain is), freezing cold, and ridiculously muddy. The muddiness factor was not lost on the instructor who had us diving on the ground at the shout of “grenade” this morning. I think I am still warming up now.

On the other hand, rain was a good sign, I knew that I would be able to get an image for November Rain if it was raining.

However, Mother Nature had other plans and by the time I went out this afternoon, it was beautiful autumn sunshine. Damn it!

A swift change of plan led me to start looking for reflections in puddles, and I could hear the voices of other photographers in my head telling me to look for the images of Brighton that people don’t expect. When I saw the reflection of the Pavilion in the puddle, I knew I had found my shot. It was then just a matter of waiting for a moment when it wasn’t ridiculously windy and there weren’t tourists walking through the puddle 🙂

Lel xxx



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