Day 305- Sympathy For The Devil


Trick or treat!!!!

Happy Halloween guys. I know this isn’t exactly a devil but having asked through Facebook for a volunteer model, I had no takers so decided to Halloween theme the post instead, as I have just seen numerous little devils out in the street knocking on the doors of the Hove bubble.

It’s interesting, there is almost an unwritten code that if you have a pumpkin outside the house, then people can come and knock. There ae also people without pumpkins, and we didn’t even bother knocking on those doors.

Some people went all out and even decorated the pavement outside their house with some amazing sparkly glittery light/paint. I’m not sure if it was just light or a paint but it was awesome!

The only thing is, for every rule there is an exception. There were people with pumpkins outside, curtains drawn, and completely ignoring the front door. Seriously, if you live in an area with lots of young families and you put your pumpkins outside, you should know that the families that are out are going to knock.

Little Miss was trick or treating for the first time with 3 friends from school and had an amazing time. The sugar kicked in early on and there was much hyperactive excited screaming from the 4 of them, although one of the girls hung back and was mainly eating the sweets as she went, a girl after my own heart 🙂

I leave you with our less traditional pumpkin carving:

Lel xxx


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